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Me and my tournament partner fished the Apalachicola Flathead tournament last night. The River was a raging beast, at 17 feet she was moving some water. That didn't scare us one bit. Flooded rivers are a blast to fish once you figure out where the catfish go when the waters are high.

We fished hard all night long only sleeping for maybe an hour total. We managed to stay on the fish pretty good all night long. My partner took 1st place and I took the third place spot landing us a pretty good payday for the night.
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Winter Blues 3/5/2015

While the flatheads have been sleeping we have been hunting blue cats

The results are posted in the link below, we will have many photos coming soon
Monsters In Florida

Tomorrow will be the kick off of the 2014 Monsters In Florida Catfish Tournament. We will be posting live weigh in as they come in..


Even with lots of time and dedication on the water multiple monster flatheads in one trip is extremely rare on rod n reel. Joe Shaw and Brittan Battles had one of those rare trips last night landing nearly 350lbs of flatheads. Their big fish weighed in at 53.4 but they also had a 51,49,47,36,35 and so on down the line. Not only are these guys great cat fishermen they are also great sportsmen. They released all these big flatheads to fight another day.. Pure Respect right there, glad these guys are own our team.. CPR! FCH Power

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From the Catfish In-Sider by In-Fisherman to Florida Sportsman Magazine Flathead Catfish Hunters will be there.

Blue Cats On The Prowl. August issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine

The Spawn is over in the South and the Flathead Bite is on

The Spawn is Among Us.

Below is a map of the areas that may be experiencing the highest numbers of spawning fish with green being full spawn and burgundy still slightly in pre spawn.