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Winter Blues 3/5/2015

While the flatheads have been sleeping we have been hunting blue cats

The results are posted in the link below, we will have many photos coming soon
Monsters In Florida

Tomorrow will be the kick off of the 2014 Monsters In Florida Catfish Tournament. We will be posting live weigh in as they come in..


Even with lots of time and dedication on the water multiple monster flatheads in one trip is extremely rare on rod n reel. Joe Shaw and Brittan Battles had one of those rare trips last night landing nearly 350lbs of flatheads. Their big fish weighed in at 53.4 but they also had a 51,49,47,36,35 and so on down the line. Not only are these guys great cat fishermen they are also great sportsmen. They released all these big flatheads to fight another day.. Pure Respect right there, glad these guys are own our team.. CPR! FCH Power

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July has been good to us. With nearly 1000lbs of flatheads landed in a single month we hope August can be just as lucrative.

We need your sponsorship, help sponsor the Monsters In Florida Catfish Tournament.

From the Catfish In-Sider by In-Fisherman to Florida Sportsman Magazine Flathead Catfish Hunters will be there.

Blue Cats On The Prowl. August issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine

The Spawn is over in the South and the Flathead Bite is on


Channel Cat Kayaking 6/1/2014

While the flatheads spawn we are channel catfishing to kill time. We hit the creek today and fished it for 6 hours with no shortage of action. We kept around 30 channels for dinner and the freezer and released at-least that many back. We left them biting on fire for another day.

We worked a 4 miles stretch of a little river in NWF, I won’t say where for fear of to-many people over crowding this small water way leaving trash while taking every fish home.

I prefer to fish these small creeks when they run high after rains. The muddier water makes for less visibility for the channel’s giving me more of a chance to snake up on them. When these creeks run clear and shallow the fishing becomes very spooky. The fish seem to hold extremely tight to bank under cuts and roots. Light tackle is a must when fishing clear water.

The best bait I have found is Atlantic mackerel. Funny as it may sound it just works; the mackerel is loaded with oils that drive channels crazy. Granted we have caught them on everything that you can put on a hook but the mackerel is just our bait of choice.

These small creeks and stream litter America and are fished very little. Once you figure out what to look for it’s just another fish fry after that.

Choctawhatchee River Round Up Catfish Tournament Results
May 30th-31st

Nearly 70 anglers signed up to fish the event competing for nearly $1500 in prizes and give a ways. After finally dropping down to fish-able levels the Choctawhatchee River received more rain the day of the event raising the river another 2 feet on top of already high fast waters. The first part of the night was accompanied by slight annoying rain fall that later cleared into partly cloudy skies. Sticks and leaves were a consistent annoyance tangling in lines from the rising turbulent muddy waters. The air temperature was very comfortable for most hanging out in the mid 70s.

With the spawn now in full swing in the south catfishing on the Choctawhatchee River in North West Florida was extremely tough this past weekend. Even with 70 anglers dropping baits on all stretches of the river only 10 fish were caught during the entire 20 hour event. May-Early June can be a very tough time for flathead fishermen under any water conditions with fish refusing to bite while spawning.

Even with a tough bite a few still found fish. The big fish of the event was a 37.33lb flathead, not a beast but a very respectable fish.

In the end the fishing was tough but everyone seemed to have a great time at final weigh in mingling amongst the other anglers and just enjoying a day on the river’s edge.

The Spawn is Among Us.

Below is a map of the areas that may be experiencing the highest numbers of spawning fish with green being full spawn and burgundy still slightly in pre spawn.

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