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Flatheads, they range in size from a foot long to well over one hundred pounds. They taste good and fight like freight trains; they have inspired us to leave behind all other sport fish to pursue these denizens of the dark with all of our resources.

We are here to build an organization like no other strictly devoted to the pylodictis olivaris “Flathead catfish”

  We want to educate people about this apex predator and show them they are worth pursuing and saving for future generations. Catch and release is very important to us and we promote it. With so many small fish less than 20 pounds out there to eat and fill the freezer’s with we believe is vital we release our trophy’s to continue to do their job in providing healthy populations of flatheads for tomorrow.

  Our communities of flatheaders have grown from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands and many have converted from killing meat hunters to releasing their big fish for tomorrow only filling the freezers with small fish.

 Help us grow this sport into the next top sport fishery that will provide caters of all ages with years of excitement and monster flatheads for generations to come.

We also promote the art of flathead fishing with rod n reels. Many new flathead fishermen start their catfish careers running lines that lead too many bad habits on the rivers.

Rod n reel fishing for flatheads is truly something special that everybody should experience at least once. The trill of the take down is something that anglers chase for years trying to get that adrenaline rush over and over again. Rod n reels also helps to keep our shorelines clean of ugly lines hanging from branches.

It’s going to be tough, but once you get the hang of it it’s all you will think about and I promise you that. Fishing with rod n reels is the only way to break our sport out of the primitive redneck category flathead fishing is placed in.

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